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Division-D is an effective digital advertising solution for brands. Through our network of 10,000 sites, we offer a suite of dynamic ad units and specialized targeting to improve campaign performance and combat falling click-through rates, views and engagement associated with traditional ads.
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Fully Transparent

Our network is fully transparent and brand-safe. We acquire our entire inventory directly from publishers, and advertisers can tag sites individually to build custom channel packages. This allows us to better optimize our client’s campaigns.
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About Us

Division-D is a dynamic ad network that offers innovative, evolving ad units to help advertisers thrive in the ever-changing online advertising marketplace.

For Advertisers

Division-D offers advertisers high impact ad units at a reasonable price. We use creative ad executions, advanced technology and comprehensive tactics to achieve our advertiser’s desired performance goals. The combination of our experience as a network and the historical data we can leverage will increase an advertiser’s ROI and brand exposure. Division-D delivers:

  • High-Quality Inventory
  • Premium Audience
  • Competitive Rates
  • Reliable Customer Service
  • High impact ad executions
  • Dedicated Account Management Team
  • Aggressive, Daily optimizations
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For Publishers

Division-D provides publishers with an opportunity to generate substantial additional revenue streams beyond standard banners. We do this by offering ad units that are not standard rate card or media kit components. Without altering your standard pricing and avails, we can implement new ad units that are effective for advertisers, non-invasive to users and require little maintenance on your end. At Division-D, we are continuously implementing innovative ad units and forming long-term partnerships with publishers.
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